The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)

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Municipality former municipality coat-of-arms page
Berglern   bergl-en.html
Bockhorn   bockh-en.html
  Bockhorn bocka-ol.html
  Eschlbach eschl-ol.html
  Grünbach grunb-ol.html
  Matzbach (in part) matzb-ol.html
  Salmannskirchen salma-ol.html
Buch am Buchrain   buch-en.html
Dorfen   dorfe-en.html
  Eibach (in part) eibac-ol.html
  Hausmehring hausm-ol.html
  Schiltern (in part) schil-ol.html
  Schwindkirchen schwi-ol.html

Schwindkirchen (inofficial)

  Tegernbach teger-ol.html





Wasentegernbach (inofficial)

  Watzling watzl-ol.html
  Zeilhofen zeilh-ol.html
Eitting   eitti-en.html
Erding   erdin-en.html
  Altenerding alten-ol.html
  Langengeisling langg-ol.html
Finsing   finsi-en.html
Forstern   forst-en.html
Fraunberg   fraun-en.html
  Reichenkirchen reich-ol.html
  Thalheim thalh-ol.html
Hohenpolding   hohen-en.html
  Sulding suldi-ol.html
Inning am Holz   innin-en.html
Isen   isen-en.html
  Mittbach mittb-ol.html
  Schnaupping schna-ol.html
  Westach westa-ol.html
Kirchberg   kirch-en.html
Langenpreising   langp-en.html
Lengdorf   lengd-en.html
  Matzbach (in part) matzb-ol.html
Moosinning   moosi-en.html
Neuching   neuch-en.html
  Niederneuching niede-ol.html
  Oberneuching obern-ol.html
Oberding   oberd-en.html
  Notzing notzi-ol.html
Ottenhofen   otten-en.html
Pastetten   paste-en.html
Sankt Wolfgang   stwol-en.html
  Gatterberg gatte-ol.html
  Jeßling jessl-ol.html
  Lappach lappa-ol.html
  Pyramoos pyram-ol.html
  Schiltern (in part) schil-ol.html
  Schönbrunn schoe-ol.html
Steinkirchen   stein-en.html
  Hofstarring hofst-ol.html
Taufkirchen (Vils)   taufk-en.html
  Eibach (in part) eibac-ol.html
  Gebensbach geben-ol.html
  Hofkirchen hofki-ol.html
  Moosen (Vils) moose-ol.html
  Wambach wamba-ol.html
Walpertskirchen   walpe-en.html
Wartenberg   warte-en.html
  Auerbach auerb-ol.html
Wörth   woert-en.html

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