The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)
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Azure, an octogon chapel in romanic style Argent, on a chief Gules a pale Argent.

Taufkirchen (Vils)

Azure, an octogon chapel in romanic style Argent, on a chief Gules a pale Argent.

Preliminary remarks:

As from January 1st 1972 the former municipalities Gebensbach, Hofkirchen, Moosen (Vils) and Wambach as well as parts of the former municipality Eibach (Kienraching, Schnaupping, Wicheling; see also Dorfen) have been incorporated into Taufkirchen. None of the incorporated municipalities had used own arms. The enlarged municipality Taufkirchen continued to use its old arms.


Foundation of the arms:


The Bavarian Ministry of the Interior approved the adoption of the arms on March 8th 1954.


Design of the arms:

Emil Werz, München.


Historical image sources:

Coat-of-arms of the Taufkircher von Guttenburg.

Coat-of-arms of the Fraunberger von und zu Fraunberg und zu Hubenstein.

Baptisterium, demolished 1890.



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Former municipalities:

The former municipalities
Moosen (Vils) und
did not use own arms.

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