The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)
Taufkirchen (Vils) Dorfen

Eibach (former municipality)

The former municipality Eibach did not use own arms, but used the lesser Bavarian arms in its seal.

Preliminary remarks:

As from January 1st 1972 the former municipalities Gebensbach, Hofkirchen, Moosen (Vils) and Wambach as well as parts of the former municipality Eibach (Kienraching, Schnaupping, Wicheling; see also Dorfen) have been incorporated into Taufkirchen. None of the incorporated municipalities had used own arms. The enlarged municipality Taufkirchen continued to use its old arms.
With effect from January 1st 1972 the municipalities Hausmehring, Watzling and Schwindkirchen (formerly Landkreis Mühldorf) and parts of the municipalities Eibach (see also Taufkirchen) and Schiltern (see also Sankt Wolfgang) have been incorporated into Dorfen. Since May 1st 1978 also the municipalities Tegernbach (emerged on January 1st 1972 from Grüntegernbach and Wasentegernbach) and Zeilhofen belong to Dorfen. Grüntegernbach, Hausmehring and Zeilhofen had used their one arms, that have become obsolete with the merger.


Foundation of the arms:

As municipality without own arms the municipality Eibach used the lesser Bavarian arms in its seal until December 31st 1971.

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