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Gules, under in chief a bar wavy a bugle horn Argent garnished Or.


Gules, under in chief a bar wavy a bugle horn Argent garnished Or.

Preliminary remarks:

As from January 1st 1972 the municipalities Bockhorn, Eschlbach, Grünbach and Salmannskirchen have been joined to form the new municipality Bockhorn. Of these municipalities Bockhorn and Grünbach used their own arms, that have become obsolete by the merger. For the design of the arms of the new municipality Bockhorn parts of these both obsolete arms have been referred to. The incorporation of parts of the former municipality Matzbach on May 1st 1978 (see also Lengdorf) did not lead to an alteration of the arms.


Foundation of the arms:

From the arms, that was in use by the former municipality Grünbach until the municipal reform and the merger with Bockhorn, the bugle horn Argent has been adopted as a reference to the noble family Kraft von Grünbach once resident there; refering to its also obsolete arms the former municipality Bockhorn is represented by the bar wavy as a symbol for the rivulet Strogn flowing through the municipal area.

The district government of Upper Bavaria approved the adoption of the arms on April 4th 1973.


Design of the arms:

Max Reinhard, Passau.


Historical image sources:



Coat-of-arms of the (Kraft) von Grünbach.



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Former municipalities:

The obsolete coats-of-arms of the former municipalities
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The former municipalities
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