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Per pale Or, a cowl Azure, and Gules, a billhook in bend Sinister point downwards Argent.


Per pale Or, a cowl Azure, and Gules, a billhook in bend Sinister point downwards Argent.

Preliminary remarks:

The municipality Neuching has been founded during the municipal reform by a merger of the formerly independent municipalities Niederneuching und Oberneuching on January 1st 1970. By this merger the coats-of-arms of the former municipalities have become obsolete.


Foundation of the arms:

For the arms of the new municipality Neuching born out of the former municipalities Oberneuching and Niederneuching motives from the former coats-of-arms have been used: For Oberneuching the cowl Azure refers to the old nobility Neuchinger von Oberneuching, extinct in the male line in 1695 and locally important. For Niederneuching the billhook Argent is the heraldic symbol of an own local nobility in the Middle Ages.

The district government of Upper Bavaria approved the adoption of the arms on July 7th 1975.


Design of the arms:

Josef Strobl, München.


Historical image sources:

Coat-of-arms of the Neuchinger von (Ober-)Neuching zu Riedersheim und Hörgersdorf

Coat-of-arms of the Niederneuchinger.



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