The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)


How did this website come into being?

With a lot of effort.
Basis for this website is the book
W.A. Schierl and J.A. Schmöger: Die Wappen des Landkreises Erding. Erdinger Land Heft 10 (1986). Kreisverein für Heimatschutz und Denkmalpflege Landkreis Erding, Erding. This website came into being as a teamwork of J.A. Schmöger, one of the authors and also my father, and me (Marcus Schmöger).
It was a tedious and and time-consuming task to get the permission for the use of the book in the WWW from the holder of the copyright (the Kreisverein für Heimatschutz und Denkmalpflege Landkreis Erding). After more than one year we can now present a first version, that can certainly be improved and that certainly will be improved.


What can you find here?

  1. The coat-of-arms of the Landkreis Erding and the coats-of-arms of all municipalities of the Landkreis and also of the municipalities, that became defunct during the municipal reform (illustration and description=blazoning).
  2. The official foundation for the granting of the arms of the permission for the adoption of the arms, respectively (by the Bavarian Main Public Record Office).
  3. Historical images of arms, that have been the basis for the municipal arms (e.g. arms of noble families on epitaphs or in armorials).
  4. Literature to the coats-of-arms.
  5. Examples for the usage of the municipal arms.
  6. The flags of the municipalities and the Landkreis.
  7. Links to homepages of the municipalities or other relevant homepages.

Furthermore you find some introductory texts:

  1. Heraldry. An introduction with special reference to the Landkreis Erding (not yet translated).
  2. Overview about the coats-of-arms of the Landkreis Erding (not yet translated).
  3. Overview about the flags of the Landkreis Erding.
  4. Glossary of important terms (not yet finished).


Where is the Landkreis Erding situated?

The Landkreis Erding (marked red in the map) is situated in Southern Bavaria (Germany), ca. 40 km NE of Munich. Bordering counties are the Landkreise Freising, Landshut, Mühldorf a. Inn, Ebersberg and München.

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