The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)

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  2. If you want to use parts of the information on this website, you must quote the source (§§ 51, 63 Urheberrechtsgesetz). The source in this case is the book, on which this website is based (W.A. Schierl und J.A. Schmöger: Die Wappen des Landkreises Erding. Erdinger Land Heft 10 (1986). Kreisverein für Heimatschutz und Denkmalpflege Landkreis Erding, Erding), as well as the website with the URL Both sources have to be cited. Publications in the internet citing this website must contain a link to the page
  3. Further use needs a written permission by the copyright holder, i.e. in this case by the Kreisverein für Heimatschutz und Denkmalpflege Erding e.V. (Adress: Landratsamt Erding, Alois-Schießl-Platz 2, 85435 Erding) and the author of this website Marcus E.V. Schmöger (E-Mail: Especially you are not allowed to copy parts of this website to data media for selling them.
  4. For the use of the civic coats-of-arms and flags depicted on this website the special rules of the Gemeindeordnung für den Freistaat Bayern, last ammended July 26th 1997, apply. Article 4 Section 3 of the Gemeindeordnung reads as follows:
    "Von Dritten dürfen Wappen und Fahnen der Gemeinde nur mit deren Genehmigung verwendet werden." (Third parties may use arms and flags of the municipality only with its permission.)
    The use of these coats-of-arms is only allowed with an explicit permission by the municipality or county using it. For instance, these coats-of-arms may without permission not be used to illustrate internet homepages or similar. An exception is the use for heraldic-scientific purposes, as on this website; such a use (see also the use of the Bavarian State coat-of-arms according to the Gesetz über das Wappen des Freistaats Bayern of October 12th 1950) only falls under the rules of the copyright law (as pointed out in No. 1 to 3).

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