The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)
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Wörth Municipal Flag

Flag with arms

The municipality Wörth informed the Bavarian Main Public Record Office in a letter on September 23rd 1983, that it wanted to use a flag in the colours Yellow-Blue-Yellow. The Main Public Record Office had no objections; however, as there had been no vote by the municipal council, there has been no approval by the Government of Upper Bavaria, either. Without such an approval the use of a flag by the municipality Wörth remains unapproved and unofficial. In a letter of June 15th 1999, however, the municipality Wörth informed us, that it uses the flag shown here. If this flag is officially approved, remains to be investigated.

In actual use are only hanging flags with arms. The flags have a size of 300 x 120 cm (proportions 5:2), the arms cover 60% of the flag width. The flags have been manufactured by Fahnen Kössinger in Schierling. The flags are used during municipal events and on special occasions.


Municipal flag in front of the town hall in Hörlkofen.

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