The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)
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Langenpreising Municipal Flag

Flag with arms


The municipality Langenpreising has adopted a flag by the vote of the municipal council of July 6th 1999. The flag shows three stripes of the colours Blue-White-Red. Due to a revision of the Bavarian Gemeindeordnung (municipal code) there is no need for an approval by the Government of Upper Bavaria any more; the vote of the municipal council had only to be communicated to the Main Public Record Office (18th November 1999).

The colours red-blue originally preferred by the municipality are against the heraldic "rule of tincture" and were thus rejected by the Main Public Record Office. Possible colours were Yellow-Blue or Yellow-Red or White-Red or Blue-Yellow-Red or Yellow-Blue-White or Blue-White-Red. The municipal council had voted for Blue-White-Red in the meanwhile; the flag shall bear the arms.

The flags in actual use are hanging flags of the proportions 7:2 with the arms; the arms covers 58% of the flag width. The flags have been manufactured by Kössinger in Schierling. They are used during municipal festivities and on holidays.

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