The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)
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Landkreis Erding County Flag

Flag with arms

The county Erding has adopted a flag by the vote of the county council of November 15th 1957. The flag shows three stripes of the colours White-Red-Yellow; it can be used with the arms on it. The Bavarian Ministery of the Interior approved the adoption of the flag on January 29th 1958. After the relevant vote by the county council on 21st July 1972, the Government of Upper Bavaria approved the readoption of the flag on October 31st 1972.

Originally in 1954 the county wanted to represent all municipalities having own arms (then nine) on the flag in some way; this was however rejected by the Bavarian Main Public Record Office.

In actual use are only flags with arms. The flags are hanging flags, have a size of 400 x 150 cm (proportion 8:3); the arms cover 5/9 of the flag width. The flags have been manufactured by Fahnen Kössinger in Schierling and delivered the last time in 1995 and 1997.

The flag is in use on official holidays (e.g. Day of German Unity) and during special occasions.


Flag of the Landkreis Erding in front of the Office of the County President (during the regional meeting of the Traditional Costume Clubs on September 12th 1999).

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