The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)
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Finsing Municipal Flag

Flag with arms

The municipality Finsing has adopted a flag by the vote of the municipal council of February 8th 1982. The flag shows two stripes of the colours Green-White; it shall be used with the arms on it. The Government of Upper Bavaria approved the adoption of the flag on April 28th 1982.

In actual use are only hanging flags with arms. The flags have a size of 300 x 120 cm (proportions 5:2), the arms cover 70% of the flag width. The representation of the arms is erroneous: the roses are argent all over, but they should be barbed and seeded or. The flags have been manufactured by Kössinger in Schierling. The flags have been used since 1982 on holidays, Memorial Day and during municipal events.


Municipal flag of Finsing in the town hall in Neufinsing.

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