The arms and flags of the Landkreis Erding (Upper Bavaria)
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Erding Town Flag

Flag with arms

The town Erding has adopted a flag in 1963. The flag shows three stripes of the colours White-Blue-White; it can be used with the arms on it. The Bavarian Ministery of the Interior approved the adoption of the flag on November 6th 1963. The Government of Upper Bavaria approved the readoption of the flag on August 4th 1978, after the vote of the town council to readopt the arms and the flag.

Flags in actual use are hanging flags with arms in the proportions 3:1; the arms cover 58% of the flag width. These flags have been bought the last time from Kattan in Regensburg. Besides, there are other forms of the flag in use.

The most frequently used variant is the flag with schwenkel depicted below. The town flag of Erding, however, is definitely more rarely used (e.g. on Corpus Christi Day or during municipal festivities) than e.g. the flags of Wartenberg, Isen or Dorfen. On the other hand white-blue flags are extensively used, probably at least in part on the assumption that these are not only the Bavarian, but also the Erding colours.

On the town-hall square flags with a long streamer (schwenkel)are used. These are 1,90 m wide and 3,45 m high, the streamer alone measuring 2,05 m in height. This form of the flag is in use since at least the end of the 70ies, as can be seen from photos in some publications (see below).
Flag in horizontal form (proportions 4:5) used as window decoration on the Erding town-hall.


Hanging flag with arms (Schrannenplatz, September 12th 1999, during the regional meeting of the Traditional Costume Clubs).
Flag with streamer (schwenkel) in the town-hall in Erding.
Flag with streamer (schwenkel) at the town-hall (September 12th 1999, during the regional meeting of the Traditional Costume Clubs).
Window decoration (horizontally striped white-blue-white, with arms), as used on the town-hall.
Window decoration (horizontally striped white-blue-white, with arms) at the town hall Erding (70ies). Illustration: Landkreis Erding (ed.) (1985): Landkreis Erding - Land und Leute, Geschichte, Wirtschaft, Kultur. Erding (Landkreis Erding), p. 284.

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