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The town Dorfen (formerly market-town Dorfen) uses a flag in the colours Blue-Red; according to information from the town to the Bavarian Main Public Record Office (November 20th 1964, November 25th 1964, December 10th 1964) "blue and red exist demonstrably for about 150 years." To our knowledge, however, there is a lack of older records, at least for the flag.

The colours correlate with the incorrect use of arms that were divided per bend sinister blue (azure) and red (gules). In the 60ies and 70ies, one insisted vehemently on the use of this form (e.g. letter-head of the municipality or lessons at the basic school). Meanwhile the official and semi-official use of the coat-of-arms has changed to the correct form (unicoloured blue shield).

When and why these flag colours (and erroneous colours of the arms) originated, could not been discovered. On none of the historical fotos in "Dorfen in alten Ansichten" there is a flag, that could be described as blue-red (frequently there are white-blue flag, in one instance swastika flags). Nor during the festivities on occasion of the promotion of Dorfen to a town in 1954 there were any blue-red flags in use. Presumably these flags have been used for the first time sometime between 1954 and 1964.

The form of the flag in use today is a hanging flag with or without arms. Usually the flag has a size of 400 x 145 cm (proportions 11:4); the arms (if applicable) cover 60% of the flag width. The flags have been manufactured by Kattan in Regensburg.
As decoration also little horizontal flags of Blue and Red are in use.

The flags are used on holidays (e.g. Corpus Christi Day) and during town festivities (fun fair, carnival).


Town flag in front of the town-hallt (during the carnival 1999).
Town flag without arms at the B15 road (during the town feast 1999).
Little flags as decoration at the Ristorante Italia (during the town feast 1999).

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